The museum’s impressive restaurant is distinguished by its uniformly white interior, and the expansive view of Mt. Kozuka just outside the windows. Please treat yourself to European-style dishes filled with seasonal flavors in this relaxed space.

Hours: Lunch Time 11:00-16:00 (Last Order 14:30)
Tea & Light Meal Time 15:00-17:00 (Last Order 16:00)

02Restaurant Array Menu

Courses and Set Menus

Array Course



Restaurant Array’s special course menu:

*Amuse-bouche of the Day

*Fish Dish of the Day

*Restaurant Array’s Beef Stew

*Bread or Rice


Please choose one of the following:

1. Water Lilies

2. Pistachio and Raspberry Mille-feuille with Orange Sorbet

*Drink: Coffee, Black Tea or Herb Tea

Lunch Set



Please choose from the following three set menus:

1. Fish Dish of the Day

2. Herb-crusted Grilled Chicken

3. Beef Stew (plus 300 yen)

All sets are served with the following:

Vegetable Soup


Bread or Rice

Table for Two Menu

Low-calorie Healthy Course (506.2 Kcal)



Bamboo-steamed Vegetables and Seafood

Served with onion dressing and aioli sauce

(Vegetable-only option also available. Please ask for details.)



Coffee or Black Tea


Sauce Ingredients

Onion Dressing: Onion, white-wine vinegar, walnut oil, olive oil, salt, pepper, and sugar

Aioli Sauce: Egg yolk, garlic, olive oil, and salt


Table for Two is a Japan-based initiative to contribute to the social good by simultaneous provide solutions to food problems in both developing and developed nations. The Pola Museum of Art is the first museum in Japan to adopt the system. Table for Two menus, characterized by their low-calorie, nutritionally balanced dishes, are an effective means of addressing food-related problems in developed countries such as obesity and lifestyle diseases. At the same time, every time you eat one of these meals in a developed country, the non-profit organization Table for Two International donates 20 yen toward a school lunch for children in a developing country. The donations raised from the program are also used to help children in many developing nations that are currently struggling with starvation. When you choose a healthy Table for Two course, you are helping to feed children.

What Is Table for Two?

Vegan Menu



Enjoy the natural fragrances, flavors, and beautiful colors in this set menu, which does not include any meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products or honey.


Keema Curry with Soy Meat and Chickpeas

Salad Plate

Herb Tea

(Note: This set is prepared in the same kitchen as the other dishes on this menu.)

Casual Dishes

Pola Museum of Art Original Seafood Curry



Featuring both seafood and vegetables, this popular creamy curry has a legion of fans. The seafood and vegetables are cooked separately to bring out the soft texture of the marine products.

Other Dishes


Hamburg Steak wth Demi-glace Sauce ¥1,640

Restaurant Array Beef Stew ¥1,870

Herb Bread-crumbs Baking of Chicken ¥1,640

Fish Dish of the Day ¥1,640

Pasta of the Day ¥1,430

Vegetable Soup ¥580

Hearty Colorful Salad ¥880

Bread or Rice ¥380

Japanese-style Dishes

Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl



Don’t miss this salty-sweet, stewed chicken prepared with fragrantly fried leeks, soft-boiled eggs, and vegetables.


Water Lilies


(with Coffee or Black Tea: ¥1,470)


Inspired by Claude Monet’s masterpiece, Water Lilies,
this Lychee Gelée is studded with fruit and edible flowers. One of our staff will provide the finishing touch with a splash of non-alcoholic sparkling wine in this spectacularly sweet production.



(with Coffee or Black Tea: ¥1,470)


Modeled on a painter’s palette, this dessert plate combines an apple tart and ice cream with several types of sauces and fruit as a finishing touch.



(with Coffee or Black Tea: ¥1,650)


The memories of the field of green grass in Giverny. Mont blanc (chestnuts cream cake), served with pistachio ice cream.

Drink Menu

Soft Drinks

Original Ginger Ale ¥750

Coca Cola ¥570

Orange Juice ¥570

Grapefruit Juice ¥570

Tomato Juice ¥570

Perrier Water (carbonated mineral water) ¥550

Coffee (hot or iced) ¥580

Black Tea (hot or iced) ¥550

Caffé Latte (hot or iced) ¥750

Capuccino ¥750

Herb Tea ¥720

Beer & Wine

Draft Beer ¥850

Bottled Beer ¥700

Wine by the Glass (red or white) ¥1,080

Sparkling Wine by the Glass ¥1,100

Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine Rosé (mini-bottle) ¥1,000

Non-alcoholic Beer ¥600