The Pola Museum of Art opened in 2002 with the concept of “symbiosis between Hakone’s natural beauty and art.” By applying distinctive curatorial vision to the exhibition of its extensive collection, and by expanding the scope of activities such as development and enhancement of the Nature Trail and contemporary art exhibitions and acquisitions, the museum has consistently delivered special and enriching encounters with art. With international travel recovering and Hakone once again drawing attention, the Pola Museum of Art is entering a new stage as a museum open to the local community, as it moves toward realization of its 2032 vision, “An Inspirational Museum.”

In doing so, one of the key areas of focus will be to strongly emphasize hospitality across all the Pola Museum of Art’s activities. We will incorporate a philosophy that aims to ensure visitor comfort and satisfaction while also respecting diverse values. Our aim is to create a place where all stakeholders, including visitors, employees, and members of the community, can experience the joy and inspiration of encountering beauty. We strive to foster an environment where each individual can have a richer and more fulfilling time during their visit.

As a museum surrounded by the lush natural environment of Hakone, we need to be a destination that offers escape from the everyday, cherished memories, comfort, and a sense of refreshment and renewal that cannot be obtained at urban art museums. Always striving to empathize with visitors, who come seeking a special time to open their hearts and engage with art amid nature, we will continue exploring further steps we can take to maximize the value of their experience.

The Pola Museum of Art is fully committed to strengthening ties with the Hakone community. I firmly believe that by fostering even closer partnerships with residents of the region, we can contribute to the vitality and growth of the local community through the power of art.

On behalf of all of us at the Pola Museum of Art, I sincerely thank you for your continued support.
Director, Pola Museum of Art 野口弘子