We have all been experiencing unprecedented change in all aspects of our economy, society and life. Under these circumstances it is difficult to speak of the future, what the way should be for the future of art museums. On the occasion of the museum's 20th anniversary in 2022, we have established a new vision for the year 2032. To be a bright hope that illuminates the future,we take a new step forward.


An Inspirational Museum

We strive to create a place that will inspire visitors to pursue a more fulfilling life while attaining a greater emotional depth and sense of awareness.

Mission Statement

Today, the world is entering an unprecedented transitional phase. The joys and emotions triggered by art are certain to provide us with the courage and power to forge into the unknown. And the resonance between art, nature, architecture, and people promises to generate new narratives. It is our job to provide you with these inspirational moments.

Future Projects

Based on the “Vision 2032: Inspirational Museum” initiative, the Pola Museum of Art will pursue a variety of projects to realize this vision over the next ten years until fiscal 2032.

01Creating New and Diverse Values

Widening the focus on modern art and Impressionism to include contemporary art
  • Expanding the collection in order to create new possibilities and opportunities in the future
  • Presenting exhibitions that transcend existing values and inspire viewers
  • Improving educational programs to enrich individual sensitivity
  • Pursuing surveys and research to increase the allure and value of the works
  • Returning cultural assets to society by enhancing and opening archives to the public

02Strengthening Communication

Enhancing the transmission of discerning and multifaceted information
  • Transmitting substantive information to Japanese and foreign viewers, and developing a wider base of supporters
  • Enriching communication through online functions
  • Attaining mutual prosperity by engaging in collaborative efforts with the local area
  • Promoting educational programs targeting young people from pre-schoolers to university students
  • Improving operational precision at the facility by creating a visitor database
  • Upgrading the membership system to enhance communication with supporters

03Reinforcement of Infrastructure and Other Systems

Strengthening the foundation to realize Activity 1.2
  • Fully implementing plans to strengthen organizational management, management objectives, and a PDCA cycle
  • Increasing the attraction of the restaurant, café, and museum shop
  • Enhancing hospitality
  • Improving the facility, and preserving and enhancing the natural environment