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The website of the Pola Art Foundation, the Pola Art Museum (www.polamuseum.or.jp, hereafter “the website”) is operated by the Pola Art Foundation (hereafter “the foundation”) and/or its appointed company. Please read the following terms and conditions before using the website. We assume that you have agreed on the terms and conditions as you start using the website. This terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notice, so please always check the latest version.

About the linkage to the website

The linkage to the website is free whether the links are commercial, non-commercial and/or intranet. The linkages are allowed to every page and part of the website. The foundation is not liable to any requirements of compensation, any kind of complaints and/or demand by any third party to your website. You are required to arrange the link so that the foundation will not bear any damage and/or loss. The foundation has no responsibility to the accuracy and the details of the contents of your website; thus no liability exists whatsoever. The contents and URLs of the website are subject to change without any prior notice. We reject following kind of linkage.
  • Linkage with a website with contents that defame the products, collection, events and etc. of the foundation.
  • Linkage with a website with illegal contents (including contents that might be considered illegal), related to illegal activities (including activities that might be considered illegal) and/or may have taken part in such illegal activities.
  • Linkage with a website presenting our contents unable to recognize its original website (our website) using frame or any other possible method.
Whatsoever the reason is, if you cannot follow the terms and conditions written on this website, please stop the linkage immediately.

Recommended browsers

In order to browse the website conveniently, we recommend to use following browsers. You can browse using several browsers other than the browsers listed below, but some older browsers will show the website differently. Thus, to ensure convenient browsing, we recommend the newest browsers. Please refer to each browser’s website for the availability of the latest versions.
  • For Microsoft® Windows®
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  • For Apple® Macintosh®
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The website uses a JavaScript™ and a style sheet for convenience. If these are disabled in your browser settings, you might not be able to browse correctly. Please enable both when browsing the website.

About the security

This website might use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) encrypt transmission for the protection of personal information.

About the cookie

Some pages of the website uses a technology called “cookie” to provide more convenience during your accesses.

Trademark, copyright and other rights

All trademarks appearing in the website are either owned by the foundation or licensed to the foundation where the foundation maintains the legitimate rights of usage. Usage of these trademarks is prohibited. All rights of the contents appearing in the website belongs to the foundation or licensed to the foundation. Therefore, reproduction, copying, editing, distribution and usage without any prior permission of any contents appearing on the website are prohibited.

Identification management

The information the foundation acquired such as ID, email address and/or password (hereafter “the ID”) registered on the website will be managed strictly. The foundation is not liable for any misuse due to reasons other than data management. Please take extra care for the management of the ID. Besides, whenever we find dishonest act, falsehood of the registered information and etc., we terminate the use of such ID.


The admission fees and the prices of products are subject to change without any prior notice. The contents of the website and URL are subject to change, discontinuation and cancellation without any prior notice. The foundation is not liable for any damages that may be caused by accessing and using the website, and for any damages that may be caused by change, discontinuation and cancellation of the website and URL. The foundation has no responsibility for the linkage to the website and their contents, therefore not liable for any damage that may be caused. Such third-party websites may try to obtain your information whether in good or bad intention, thus please take extra care of the information. The foundation is also not responsible for any accidents and/or difficulties of software and/or hardware.

Applicable law and court with jurisdiction

The website’s terms and conditions, and interpretation are complied with the Japanese law. For any dispute related to the website, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction court for the court of first instance unless otherwise specified.

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