Privacy Policy

April 1, 2006

The Pola Museum of Art (hereafter, Pola Museum) handles its customers’ personal information as per below.


Pola Museum is committed to maintain any information related to customers (hereafter personal information) as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Upon handling of such personal information, Pola Museum will manage and preserve with most appropriate manner to avoid illegal access / falsification / divulgence. Besides, Pola Museum will provide periodical training regarding handling of personal information to strengthen and maintain the management of personal information.


Pola Museum collects personal information only through legitimate and fair methods. Pola Museum may collect personal information such as name, address, telephone number, age, birth date, gender, email address, services used, opinions and requests when a customer engages in a survey, events / campaign, purchases a museum souvenir, and uses any service via Pola Museum website and/or at Pola Museum.

Usage of personal information

Personal information will be used only to maintain good and safe relationship with the customers and for enhancement of further art promotional activities. Such promotional activities include surveys, announcements of events / campaigns, sending of vouchers and giveaways, product management / sending of museum souvenir, recording and management of opinions and inquiries, documentation of statistical record, and any other services required in its promotional activities only.

Provision of personal information to third party

The collected personal information may be disclosed to third party partners in following cases
  1. Whenever providing is permitted by the owner of personal information.
  2. Whenever law requires.
  3. Whenever there is a need to work with third party partners in order to perform tasks as per written on “usage of personal information”. In such case, a third party partner will be required to perform equivalent management of the information; Pola Museum will monitor this third party partner’s management.

Disclosure / correction / termination of use and etc. of personal information

Whenever a customer requests for a disclosure of his/her own personal information, Pola Museum will disclose only when this customer’s ID is confirmed true and when it is confirmed that such disclosure will not damage any Pola Museum activities.
Whenever a customer requests for a correction / termination of use and etc. of his/her own personal information, Pola Museum will follow such requests within reasonable range only when this customer’s ID is confirmed true.
For further information, inquiry and complaint regarding disclosure / correction / termination of use / etc. and handling of personal information, please contact Pola Museum via following contact information.
Pola Museum (phone): 0460-84-2111

Storage term and elimination of personal information

Personal information will be stored, managed and eliminated after each storage term in a secure manner accordingly to Pola Museum’s decision.

Compliance with the law and improvement

The handling of personal information will be performed in accordance with “Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information by Independent Administrative Institutions” and with any Japanese law. The handling will be periodically checked for further enhancement.
Responsible party: Pola Museum